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Healthy Saturday

It rained heavily in the morning; and a weather alert was announced from a speaker.

However, rain stopped when I finished my brunch (roti canai, peach, banana and pineapple & mango juice).

After my brunch, I went to my monthly magma spa @ Marunoichi Bricks Square.

The weather was okay then.

The weather is crazy in Tokyo nowadays.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

4 thoughts on “Healthy Saturday

    1. Konnichiwa Sophia san, wow you do have a nice taste! I love how you arrange your clothing! I visited Seoul a couple times and your posts reminded me of exciting moments in Korea: shopping (clothing, bags and cosmetics) and food! Now I eat Korean BBQ in Korean style. I know it sounds funny. Japanese usually eat beef only, but now I roll it with vegetables with kimchi! I learned it during my stay. It’s delicious and healthier because I will eventually eat a lot of vegetables together!

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