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Relaxing Sunday

I started my day going to gym today because I wanted to watch an episode of Suites. hahaha

I came back home to take a bath; I like to take a bath in the morning. 

It’s very relaxing.

Then I went to beauty salon. 

I look forward to going to beauty salon because I enjoy talking to my beautician. 

We talk about everything and surprisingly we can share many stories, too because we bump each other often: on the street, at a station and a restaurant. 

After chatting, I brewed Peet’s Coffee. 

It’s nice and rich.

Peet’s Coffee originated in Berkeley, California.
And this Peet’s Coffee inspired founders of Starbucks to start coffee shops.  
Yes, it’s that nice.

I bought few packs when I visited L.A. last time, July 2015, but I finished them.

Recently, I got supply from my American friend.
When can I get my next supply…?


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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