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Relaxing Sunday

I started my day going to gym today because I wanted to watch an episode of Suites. hahaha

I came back home to take a bath; I like to take a bath in the morning. 

It’s very relaxing.

Then I went to beauty salon. 

I look forward to going to beauty salon because I enjoy talking to my beautician. 

We talk about everything and surprisingly we can share many stories, too because we bump each other often: on the street, at a station and a restaurant. 

After chatting, I brewed Peet’s Coffee. 

It’s nice and rich.

Peet’s Coffee originated in Berkeley, California.
And this Peet’s Coffee inspired founders of Starbucks to start coffee shops.  
Yes, it’s that nice.

I bought few packs when I visited L.A. last time, July 2015, but I finished them.

Recently, I got supply from my American friend.
When can I get my next supply…?

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Healthy Saturday

It rained heavily in the morning; and a weather alert was announced from a speaker.

However, rain stopped when I finished my brunch (roti canai, peach, banana and pineapple & mango juice).

After my brunch, I went to my monthly magma spa @ Marunoichi Bricks Square.

The weather was okay then.

The weather is crazy in Tokyo nowadays.

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Closed again…

I went to gym last night, but it was closed.

I didn’t get close to the signboard because it was raining last night and I thought it was every other Thursday’s maintenance day.

I went to gym tonight and it was closed again…

I checked the signboard, it says it will close from Thursday to Saturday.

I miss my Suits…amd I start feeling good going to gym. 

Sunday then…

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Obon Festival/Lantern Festival 

It’s Japanese summer holiday season: Obon Festival, internationally known as Lantern Festival. 

It’s not Japanese national holidays because I think it’s more ritual, Buddhist ritual. 

However, most of companies are closed this period and today was rather a quiet day in the office. 

I think it’s a nice summer break, but oh well, I was at the office.

Now I have craving for tomato juice.

Do you know that tomatoes for tomato juice are specially developed to make tomato juice and these tomatoes are more rich in lycopene and other nurious elements than fresh tomatoes that we enjoy for salad?

It’s hot and I’m weak; I better drink more tomato juice!    

I found Kagome Premium Tomato Juice (non additives) for 2016 limited edition.

I cannot tell what’s so special about this, but it made me feel healthy. hahaha

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School Reunion!

Today, I met classmates for lunch at T.Y Harbor Brewery Restaurant, Tokyo.

This restaurant is located over viewing Tokyo Bay.

There are tanks to brew beer at this restaurants.

Some of us, we haven’t met since high school, but we could talk as if we’ve been seen each other often.

It’s nice to get united again.

School mates are special!


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This week I didn’t upload any blog.

What did I do this week???? Hummmm 

Monday: I went to gym after work and cooked Chinese dinner. 

Tuesday: I went for sushi dinner @ Goto Zushi, Roppongi. 

It was my first time to dine at this sushi restaurant; Sushi is fresh and People are nice!

I will definitely go back there again!

Wednesday: It was a very long day… I started my day earlier and stayed back at the office…

Thursday: It was a Japanese national holiday, Mountain Day, but my office was opened. 

The office building was very quiet…but my email was so noisy. 

I had to reply emails till late evening… Ahhhh 

Friday: TGIF! I went to gym to watch SUITES. 

hulu is temporary available at my gym. 

I missed the first episode on AXN and latest episodes are available on huluuuuuu!

It’s showing Season 3 on AXN, but Season 5 is available on hulu. 

My trainer was so surprised to see me at gym tonight; a look on his face made me laught.

Well, hulu can motivate me to go to gym now. hahaha