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Food Hunting in Osaka

I woke up by a nice cup of morning coffee which was brewed by a KEURIG coffee maker.

Coffee cartridges are made by a Japanese company, UCC Coffee.

This must be something different from overseas.

We took a subway to Nanba.

Nanba is famous for food!!

We spotted a Japanese style western food restaurant which opened in 1910.

I ordered a set of steak and their famous dried curry.

It’s definitely an unique dish.

We walked the area for exercise.

A small side street, Hozenji Yokocho, very nostalgic. 

Then there is an one coin (JPY 500) 30 mins comedian theater.

They are yet to be famous nationally.

We continued walking and arrived at the centre of Dotonbori.

This is Osaka’s symbol, Glico (logo of Japanese confectionery company).

There was a special jazz session at the river walk.

After the Jazz session, we had few more bites.

Osaka’s local snack, Tako yaki (octopus balls).

Then, Oreno (my) French and Italian.

There are many Oreno series such as Yakitori (chicken skewers), yakiniku (Korean BBQ), etc. to cater casually with inexpensive price.
Yes, I also enjoyed French and Italian casually.

After this, we had a free foot massage by trying out Phiten’s foot massage machines.

Each session is for 7 mins and we tried two machines.

First machine will make an arch for your foot and second machine will open your fingers.

For dinner (I know I kept on eating, but this is what we should do in Osaka!), we went back to the Shinsekai and same sushi restaurant, but different branch and stopped by at the same open air bar, but this time we ate oden!

Yes, I had enough eating for today…

Oyasuminasai (good night).


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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