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Sayonara Osaka

Even though, ramen noodle is originated from China, Japan has improved it and became famous for cooking delicious Ramen.

Today, we can enjoy various local ramens in Tokyo because Tokyo is a populatied city, a population of 34-37 million in the Greater Tokyo, surely attractive for a business.

Kinryu Ramen (Golden Dragon) is famous Osaka Ramen and there aren’t any branch in Tokyo.

We can add free toppings such as garlic, green onions and spicy leek.

At the airport, we had the last Osaka dish for this trip: Takoyaki and Dashi Takoyaki (Soup Octopus Balls).

After this blog, my blog will be boring because obviously my meal will be simple…

Sayonara Osaka!

I enjoyed eating B-kyu Gurume (B Class Gourmet) and this trip is truly Kuidaore (Eating till I drop)!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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