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Tsukiji de Kaisendon and Home Spa♪

My friend visited me and we had lunch at their favorite food at favorite place: fresh seafood at Tsukiji.
Tsukiji de Kaisendon (I had a bowl of seafood at Tsukiji).

It was so fresh! Yammy 

And they gave me their products: Tanamera Spa products.

These Malaysian spa products are so natural and tropical!

Please look for Tanamera Spa when you visit Kuala Lumpur and Langkawii, Malaysia. 

Tonight, I tried their Hibiscus Scrub; it has nice spicy aroma and I feel like I just had a good massage after scrubbing my body with it.

This product must have some essential oil because my skin is moist.

I cannot wait to use Tropican Pandan Bath Powder, serum and Neroli essential oil.

Thank you for thinking of me! 



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

5 thoughts on “Tsukiji de Kaisendon and Home Spa♪

    1. Arigatogozaimasu for your sweet comment.

      I love to introduce my lovely country, food and culture. I love to explore myself, too because Japanese food and culture are different from regions, prefectures, cities and even towns!

      Simultaneously, I love to explore the world, comparing with Japan to find goods and bads of Japan.

      Once again, thank you for your comment. Hai! I will try my best to make my blog interesting for you and my followers!


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      1. No problem with that ! I am looking forward for that. I am an English teacher and I have students who happened to be Japanese also.Also, I love studying cultures of other countries.Looking forward for your next post.. Have a good day…


      2. Again, I get encouraged by your comment!

        When I started this blog, YES, I wanted a platform to express my feeling and thoughts to the world because I’m full of passion.

        Now I realized that this everyday practice has been contributing to improve my writing skill. I want to make sure my message is delivered to readers to share the same excitements.

        And now I start realizing this everyday practice contributes to improve my writing for work as well.

        Now I start liking writing! And a comment from an English teacher is very encouraging. Yes, there are many room for me to improve my writing, but as I said, I will try my best to share the same excitements!

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      3. I am a new to this kind of thing , blogging.And I am still finding my way through.By the way, please feature ONE OK ROCK among your blogs..if that would be ok? I would love to reblog that and to share it, and above all, I will really love to read it.They are my favorite Japanese rock band. Hope you’ll grant my request.I love Takahiro Morita so, so much…


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