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Flat Tires

Today, I noticed I have two flat tires, both on left side.

These were fine last week; even checked by a gas station.

According to the police, the police already received 10 cases on punctured tires in the area.

The police concluded somebody must have poked them.

Im impressed with their hardworks: dusted finger prints, took foot prints, even took my finger prints to eliminate from the evidence, etc.

Of course, filing the damage at the police station and what I all experienced tonigh are first time in my life (it should be).

After filing at the police, I called for JAF (Japanese version of AAA).

I thought the JAF can temporary treat my tires, but unable to because we cannot find a puncture.

Sadly, the damage is greater than I thought; my car cannot run itself.

I need to ask the JAF to tow my car or ask following my car after pumping my tires.

I hope I can coordinate these tomorrow night after my work.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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