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The Shikoku Pligrimage: Day 1

My day started early by taking 7:10 am Shinkansen (bullet train) for Shin-Osaka Station.

Enjoyed pork sandwich on Shinkansen

Arrived Shin-Osaka Station where a jumbo taxi awaits us; sayonara Shinkansen!

It’s quite a distance to reach Shikoku island from Osaka; we need to cross Setonaikai (Seto Island Sea). 

It was foggy; can you see the Akashi Ohashi (Akashi Big Bridge)?

We stopped at Awaji Highway Oasis for a quick lunch.

I had a big fried horse mackerel.

“Meaty” is not a suitable word to express fish, but it was big and MEATY. hahaha

The scenery is so beautiful.

I’m at the place where autumn is at preak.

I missed autum in Tokyo this year because we had a long summer and welcomed a sudden winter.

I appreciate this scenery very much.

Shikoku is a major producer of tangerine oranges.

Of course I bought it.

It’s reasonable and sweet!

After four hours drive, we reached the first temple.

No. 88 Okuboji (Okubo Temple)

Usually, this temple is the last temple to visit.

However, in leap year, we reverse the order; this temple became the first to visit and pray.

No. 87 Nagaoji (Nagao Temple)

No. 86 Shidoji (Shido Temple)

This temple is one of few temples among 88 temples having a pagoda.

No. 85 Yakuriji (Yakuri Temple)

We need to take a cable car (operates every 15 mins) to reach this temple.

Sun is setting…but I didn’t have time to admire the moment because we needed to complete our prayer to catch the last cable car going down.

Last cable car of a day♪

It is 7 mins ride to go down, but by the time we reached down, it was dark.

Checked-in at the Okura Hotel Takamatsu.

It’s simple, but that’s all we need.

Buffet dinner was nice.

Again these are simple, but ingredients are so fresh and delicious!

I enjoyed all dishes, including Sanuki Udon  (local noodle) and desserts. 

Obviously, I helped more dishes. hahaha

Okay, now I should explain what I’m doing.

I will visit those 88 temples in Shikoku.

I will wear and carry these to each 88 temple.

When I enter the temple, I pray and bow.

Then wash my hands.

Go to Hondo (the main temple), place incense sticks (3) and candle (1), submit a prayer paper, pray and recite the sutra.

Go to Daishido (a temple that Kobo Daishi  -Japanese Buddhist monk who founded Shingon- is enshrined) and practice what practiced at Hondo.

Now I know what to do and still learning don’ts.

Okay, I better set my alarm at 5 am.

Breakfast at 6 am, and we’ll depart hotel at 6:45 am.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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