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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 4

This is local food, sea bream with rice and soup.

This hotel has a nice Japanese garden with many big carps.

Thank you Yunosato Komachi Onsen Shikokuya!
Okay, let’s head for the first temple….

No. 60 Yokomineji (Yokomine Temple)

This temple is on Mt. Ishizuka.

It was a good 10 mins mountain walk to the Yokomineji.

I twisted this stick to get good luck.

No. 59 Kokubunji (Kokubun Temple)

After praying at the Main Temple and Daishido, I shoock hand with Kobo Daishi. hehehe

No. 58 Senyuji (Senyu Temple)

Kannon-sama (Avalokitesvara) will also receive us with a smile.

No. 58 Eifukuji (Eifuku Temple)

I bought a good luck charm for legs.

I hurt my knees by falling from stairs.

I surely need a good luck charm.

No. 56 Taisanji (Taisan Temple)

I turned a stone to cut my relation with hell.

No. 55 Nankobo (Nanko Temple)

There are four guardians to protect the temple.

No. 54 Enmeiji (Enmei Temple)

I had Udon noodle again for lunch; it’s fast to serve.

Temples are located at nice places; I can enjoy nice view from a car.

No. 53 Enmyoji (Enmyo Temple)

These days, Christianity arrived Japan; however, there was a period that Shogun prohibited to believe in Christianity.

Therefore, things that related to Christianity were destroyed.

This Christianity Stone (Maria in Cross) survived because Maria’s face is so calm that people believed she is Kannon-sama (Avalokistesvara).

No. 52 Taisanji (Taisan Temple)

I turned the stone to earn reciting a sutra.

No. 51 Ishiteji (Ishite Temple)

This temple knows hot to excite a visitor; just look at pictures.

There is an aged wooden arcade to the temple.

There is a nice gate.

There is a Goju no To (Pagoda).

No. 50 Hantaji (Hanta Temple)

No. 49 Jodoji (Jodo Temple)

The last temple of the day!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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