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The Shikoku Pligrimage: Day 3

Ohayo Setonaikai (Seto Island Sea)!

I could see the Seto Ohashi (Seto Big Bridge) at the horizons.

I ate breakfast quickly because I didn’t have much time before departure.

No. 71 Iyadaniji (Iyadani Temple)

This temple is located on the top of the mountain.

It’s nice in Autumn color…

I had to exercise in the morning. 

There are so many steep stairs and each step is high.

It was like climbing a mountain!

On the way to the main temple, Stone Buddhas greet us.

The Main Temple

This temple is unique, Kobo Daishi is enshrined in the cave.

I wasn’t allowed to take a photo so you need to visit yourself.

No. 70 Motoyamaji (Motoyama Temple)

The Main Temple

Unfortunately,  Goju no To (Pagoda) was under reconstruction.

No. 69 Kannonji (Kannon Temple)

Kannonji and Jinnein is just next to each other; therefore sharing the same gate.

In the early morning, there are so many people to pray.

The Main Temple

No. 68 Jinnein (Jinne Temple)

The main temple for Jinnein is very modern.

Yes, this is a temple and inside is beautiful.

We can also admire the nice Japanese garden or should I say it a landscape…?

No. 67 Daikoji (Daiko Temple)

Kongo Rikishi (Two Guardians) will receive us at the gate.

These gaurdians are sculptures by a famous sculptor of Bhuddist images, Unkei.

The Main Temple

No. 66 Unpenji (Unpen Temple)

To reach Unpenji, we need to take a rooeway.

Officially we supposed to pray at the Main Temple first, then continue at the Daishido where Kobo Daishi is enshrined.

However, we started from Daishi because another group also arrived there by the same ropeway.

This Daishido is unique because there is a nice Daishido, even large, but Kobo Daishi is enshrined at the smaller house at the behind of the big and gorgeous building.

This is the main temple

There is an eggplant shape stone that will make wish come true.

Walk through the hole; sit then pray.

Yesterday, I introduced a beaded circle can replace reciting a sutra.

At this temple, I found tubes to turn replacing reciting the sutra.

Lunch break

No. 65 Sankakuji (Sankaku Temple)

The Main Temple 

This is the reason we call this temple Sankakuji, direct translation “Triangle Temple”.

The pond is shape of a triangle.

No. 64 Maegamiji (Maegami Temple)

Why it’s in red…?

Does water contain some minerals such as iron…?

The Main Temple

No. 63 Kichijoji (Kichijo Temple)

The Main Temple

This is the only temple among 88 to worship the Vaisravana.

No.62 Hojuji (Hoju Temple)

The Main Temple

No. 61 Koonji (Koon Temple)

This is another modern temple.

The Main Temple and the Daishido are both located inside of this BUILDING.

Koyasu Daishido (Kobo Daishi holding a baby)

Today I prayed at 11 temples.

When Sun sets, temples close.

Time to go to hotel.

Checked in at Yunosato Komachi Onsen Shikokuya.

There is no bath in a room because there is a public onsen (hot spring).

It’s nice to dip in onsen to refresh, especially after climbing many stairs!

Before enjoying an onsen, I enjoyed local food


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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