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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 7 Part 2

No. 30 Zenrakuji (Zenraku Temple)

Umemi Jizo (Stone Buddha) for head problems. 

I don’t want to become dementia. 

No. 29 Kokubunji (Kokubun Temple)

This temple has a nice garden.

Moss is nice and GREEN!

No. 28 Dainichiji (Dainichi Temple)

Lunch time!

A bowl of boiled whitebait.

Dessert was a homemade sweet potato; very natural.

Very peaceful…

No. 27 Konomineji (Konomine Temple)

No. 26 Kongochoji (Kongocho Temple)

Rubbed to prevent any cancers.

No. 25 Tsushoji (Tsusho Temple)

Needed to climbed-up…

The temple is located on a hill that can overlook the ocean.

How nice!

 No. 24 Hotsumisakiji (Hotsumisaki Temple)

Entered from the back.

One Wish Stone Buddha 

The Main Temple is surrounded by many nice constructions.

Sunstarted setting…the moment is so beautiful…

Proceeded to Mikurodo where Kobo Daishi practised.

While looking at the sky and ocean, Kobo Daishi decided to use the name Kukai.

Checked in at Hotel Riviera Shishikui in Shishikura Onsen (hot spring).

I like a tatami mat room and love an onsen!

Onsen water is slimy…you need to try it to understand what I mean.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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