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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 8

Again food is fresh and enjoyed very much. 

The estimated time for sun rise was 6:45 am on that day, but we departed hotel at 6:30 am.

Sun was about to rise….

Sun rose while driving for a temple.

I felt so blessed when I saw sun rising: calm and peaceful.

No. 23 Yakuoji (Yakuo Temple)

We believe that at the age of 33 for women and 42 for men is unlucky age that we need to be careful.

It is good to be careful all the time, but I think this is believed because this is the age that our body system change that require attention.

Or we could blame on a bad year.

When climbing stairs, we place money every steps for offering.

There are two sets of stairs, one for women (33 stairs) and men (42 stairs).

No. 22 Byodoji (Byodo Temple)

This rope is connected to Buddha. 

It’s very nice of a temple to arrange this rope to reach the entrance. 
People who have difficulties to walk can be blessed at the entrance by holding this rope.

The ceiling is nicely decorated.

No. 21 Tairyuji (Tairyu Temple)

We need to take a ropeway because the temple is located on the mountain (618 m high).

Tairyuji Station

It’s so beautiful and air is fresh; I wanted to walk around the area, but needed to catch the next ropeway down. 

Instead of walking, I was running to the station. hahaha

No. 20 Kakurinji (Kakurin Temple)

The symbol of this temple is a pair of cranes.

Two cranes was protecting a small statue of Golden Buddha.

A Statue of Golden Buddha was protected at this Japanese cedar by cranes here.

These trees were planted by Kobo Daishi.

No. 19 Tatsueji (Tatsue Temple)

Unfortunately, it cannot be seen in the photo, but there is a bunch of thick long hair.

This temple serves as a checkpoint as well.

If you commit bads, you cannot pass through this checkpoint.

When a lady named Okyo who cheated her husband tried to walk through this temple (checkpoint), her hair suddenly extended stopping her to walk through.

I could walk freely…that means I am okay…right?

That’s a scary story, but the temple itself is beautiful.

No. 18 Onzanji (Onzan Temple)

Originally, this temple prohibited women to enter.

However, when Kobo Daishi’s mother visited him, he conducted hard ascetic practices to lift the ban so that he could meet Mother.

Today, I (female) have no problem entering.

Lunch Time!!

Had a lunch at a self service restaurant.

There are varieties of food (fried, grilled, noodles, curry, etc.) that we can pick a plate.

Again, delicious!

No. 17 Idoji (Ido Temple)

The temple’s name IDO means a well.

There is a water well in the temple.

If you can see yourself when you look into a well, you are okay.

If you cannot see your reflection, something bad will happen to you in three years…

Yes! I could see myself; I’m safe!

No. 16 Kannonji (Kannon Temple)

No. 15 Kokubunji (Kokubun Temple)

There are four prefectures in Shikoku region/island.

Kokubunji is located in every prefecture.

As such, this is the fourth Kokubunji that I visited.

The Main Temple is under reconstruction.

I prayed at the temporary main temple.

No. 14 Jorakuji (Joraku Temple)

This is the only temple worshipping Mirokubosatsu (Maitreya) among 88 temples.

This is Araragi (Japanese Yew Tree) Daishi.

This tree is about 10 m high.

This Daishi is good for diabetes and eyes.

Can you see Daishi? 

No. 13 Dainichiji (Dainichi Temple)

This temple is situated along a road.

No. 12 Shosanji (Shosan Temple)

Greeted very well. fufufu

Today, I visited 11 temples.

Checked-in at Tokushima Tokyu Rei Hotel.

I felt cold so it was nice to have a hot pot for dinner. 

Winter, it is a hot pot season as well.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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