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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 9 (Last Day)

Today is the last day and still need to visit 11 temples to complete.

My favorite ice cream was served as breakfast. Yeah!

No. 11 Fujiidera (Fujii Temple)

Unfortunately, it was raining.

Mummmm it was cold and difficult to conduct the ritual.

There is a gorgeous dragon drawn on the ceiling.

No. 10 Kiriharaji (Kirihara Temple)

Started the count down…

No. 9 Horinji (Horin Temple)

There are so many people trying to reserve space under the roof to practice. 

No. 8 Kumadaniji (Kunadani Temple)

I thought these guardians look strong!

No. 7 Jurakuji (Juraku Temple)

The gate is called Ryugu Mon (Ryugu Gate).

Ryugu is a kingdom in the ocean.

I think this gate is cute. 

No. 6 Anrakuji (Anraku Temple)

The garden is beautiful.

Today, this temple provides hot spring here.

I wish I had time to dip.

Perhaps, next time…

No. 5 Jizoji (Jizo Temple)

This temple’s Daishido is nicely decorated; so sophisticated.

I ate a local (Tokushima’s) snack at a car. 

This is chikuwa (fish cake/surimi) on a bamboo.

A bamboo gives nice flavor and aroma.

No. 4 Dainichiji (Dainichi Temple)

A bowl of hot Udon noodle warmed my body. Yammy!

No. 3 Konsenji (Konsen Temple)

Another well to check my reflection.

I can see myself! Yeah!!!

No. 2 Gokurakuji (Gokuraku Temple)

This is a carrying Buddha; making a wish while carrying Buddha.

Buddha’s foot print.

Splash Fumyodo-oh (Acala) to make a wish.

No. 1 Ryozenji (Ryozen Temple)

The last temple.

I was overwhelmed; I started crying.

I felt calm and peace; the place is gorgeous and holly.

I completed…

I completed…time to go back to my ordinary life, but I won’t be the same.

I learned many things through this trip.

I enjoyed an obento (packed meal) on Shinkansen (bullet train) back home.

I’m grateful that I could conduct this exercise.

Yes, I would like to conduct this exercise again!!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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