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Made Gyoza (Dumplings) with Toshiba Ishigama Dome

I bought this in January 2013.

This is hard working multitasking one.

It heats it up like a microwave, bakes it like a oven, grills like a griller, steams like a steamer.

I used to bake cakes, cookies, etc. with this but now I simply use it for heating up.

I was hungry after returning from a bodywork.

I quickly made gyoza/dumplings (1. cut cabbage & lotus, 2. minced pork, 3. added soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking sake, ground ginger & garlic, 4. make shape) and steamed as many dumplings as I could.

These are delicious!

I couldn’t stop with 6; I ate 10.

These are home-made gyoza and I added vegetables; not that sinful…right…?


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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