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Temporary Amazon Freak

I’ve been looking for iPhone case (6S) at Apple Store, retailers, etc.

I used the same model twice so I wanted to change this time.

My friend recommended me Amazon.

Wow, there are many attractive models and inexpensive, too!

It’s dangerous, I just pochi (press) and shopping is done.

I bought

* 1 iPhone cable (50cm) in gold;

* 1 set of iPhone cables (4 cables) in pink;

* 1 iPhone 6S cover;

* 1 iPad Mini 4 cover;

* 4 Apple Watch bands; and 

* 1 Power bank

I’m happy with my products.

Only one minor regret is a power bank is larger than I thought… hahaha

I wanted a powerful one (20,000 mAh, this can charge iPhone 7 times!) for traveling so it’s still okay.

I’m still waiting for a set of iPhone cables (4 cables) in pink and iPad Mini 4 case. hehehe

I was busy opening boxes and trying them out.

But I also find time to decorate my entrance; I arranged Green Christmas Wreath tonight.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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