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Golf @ Satsuki Golf Club Kanuma Course

I played golf yesterday (on 19 December 2016).

I usually go to golf by car, but this time, we took train.

It’s our Year-End golf and we plan to have Year-Emd party with drinks after the game.

The game starts at 9:30 am; therefore, I took 7:42 train (Kegon 1).

This train goes all the way to Nikko where there is a nice shrine named Nikko Toshogu.

One day I will introduce Nikko when I visit there.

The weather was very nice (sunny, warm and no wind), perfect for a golf game.

However, my game wasn’t good; I just couldn’t hit right.

After nine was better, after lunch.

I had Genghis Khan (lamb) for lunch and it was nice.

Other than my game, everything was nice: golf course, weather, food, bath, fee (my friend had a special discount) and Year-End Party food.

It was just my game… boo hoo 

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Interesting Sunday from Wine Tasting to Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen

I went to Roppongi Midtown (shopping complex) to buy thermal shirts at Uniqlo.

Before I do some shopping, I thought it’s better to get a point card.

I was informed that it takes one hour to prepare a point card cum credit card (free annual membership with benefits).

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is a free and charged wine tasting area.

While waiting for my point card to get ready, I tried a ship of numerous wines…

And nice (charged) wines.

This is a glass of Corton Clos Du Roi 2010 (USD 80 per bottle).

and Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2013 (USD 430 per bottle).

The price for tasting these two wines (20 mil each) and a pair of wine glasses to bring back for USD 30.

It was fun.

Did I go to Uniqlo? No…decided to go for dinner.

I found a nice Ramen shop: Ichiran.

It’s been there, but I’ve never tried this one.

After buying a ticket from the vending machine (not much of choice, either simple ramen with char siu (sliced of porks) and negi (leeks) for JPY 710/USD 7.1 or with hanjuku tamago (half boiled egg) for JPY 910/USD 9.1), I had to wait to be assisted.

According to a board, the store was full house.

Then, I was led to my cubicle and asked to fill up  how I want my Ramen to be prepared: strength of flavor, oiliness, amount of garlic, with or without leeks, with or without char siu, secret recipe spicy sauce, hardness of noodle and any additional request such as more garlics and secret spicy sauce for additional cost.

This is how my cubicle looks like.

A half boiled egg was served first.

It’s hard to see a store staff over a cloth curtain, but after serving my Ramen, wooden curtain was closed to give me a total privacy. hahaha

If you like Tonkotsu Ramen (thick pork flavoured Ramen), Ichiran is highly recommended.

If you like a spicy ramen, you can request secret recipe spicy sauce to level 10 for free.

I tried 1/2 for a beginner.

This Ramen is very gooooooood! 

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Tai: Red Snapper

Today, Mom brought me many Tai (red snapper).

To celebrate happiness, happy outcomes and congratulate somebody, we use red snapper.

Why…? Because red snapper in Japanese is Tai.

The word to celebrate happiness, happy outcomes and congratulate somebody is Medetai.

There is Tai (red snapper) hidden in the word.

Look there are many Tai!


These are ingredients for Ochazuke (rice soup).

Prepare Tai, dashi (stock gelee) and rice.

Pour dashi gelee on rice.

Place a Tai on rice and pour hot water.


Quick, simple but delicious!

Then she also brought Osumashi (soup) in Tai.

Pour hot water.

Mix well.

Tai surely made me and my stomach happy!

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Hot Wine: Gluhwein

It’s been cold in Japan.

It’s high 8C and 2-5C in the morning and evening.

It’s a nice day to enjoy a glass (or few) Gluhwein.

I found hot wine bouquets at a supermarket.

A bouquet adds nice spicy flavor to wine.

In 2006, I visited few cities/Christmas Markets in Germany.

Obviously, it was nice to get a glass of Gluhwein to walk from stall to stall.

This is one of my Gluehwein glass collection, from the Stuttgarter Weihnachts Markt.

I would love to go back there❤️

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Sea Urchin and the Els Golf Tag

I received more surprised today.

I received sea urchin from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka.

It’s nice to eat with hot plain rice.

These bottles were in a box of paulownia, most formal way to send a gift.

I will keep this box and make it to a jewelry box by making partitions.

And I received another parcel from Malaysia.

Yeah! I received my Els’ golf tag!

Thank you, Santa! 

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Restaurant under a Rail Way: Ton Ton, Hibiya

I went to an interesting restaurant: Ton Ton in Hibiya.

This restaurant is situated under a rail way.

The restaurant has the taste of Showa Era (1970s…?).

I ordered a glass of red wine and was served as if it is a glass of sake. hahaha

Ate varieties of Yakitori (skewers).

The restaurant is reasonable; a glass of wine is USD 4.00 and one skewer USD 1.60.

English menu is available. 

This restaurant is highly recommended to go!

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Dining at Home and Apple Store

Today, cooked Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) at home.

This is sauce flavor.

And this is soy sauce flavor.

These go very well with beer: Premium Ebisu Ebisu Amber Beer.

After dinner, I went to Apple Store Ginza.

Apple is recalling a battery for iPhone 6S.

My phone is subject for change, based on my serial number.

No wonder my iPhone shut down when it still has over 20 percent, sometimes 50 percent.

It took about 2 hours to change; therefore, went to a cafe: Cafe de Ginza Miyuki-kan.

It’s a cozy place to chat.

Now my battery is new! Yeah!

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Saturday Started from a Parcel from China to Jack Reacher

Today, I received a parcel from China.


I opened with a doubt…it is my iPad case.

Now I understand why I needed to pay for shipment (not much about USD 3.50. A total cost is USD 19.00 so it’s still okay) for this product.

It must have directly shipped from China…?

To be honest, I didn’t expect for the quality for this price; but to my surprise, this is not bad at all.

I’m actually satisfied.

There was another surprise for me today; went for a late night movie: Jack Reacher Never Go Back.

It was a funday!!!


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Japanese Traditional Gift Wrapping 

The other day, I visited my friend and her new born baby.

He is adorable. 

I brought a small gift for her baby boy.

Today, I received a surprise from them, a box of confectioneries.

It was wrapped with a normal wrapping paper.

Then it was wrapped by a traditional cover for appreciation.
I hide a name of sender with a sticker to be posted on my blog; yes, that is where semder’s name is written.

I ate some and these are good…too good that I cannot stop. Ahhhhh