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Returning to Office, Ahhhhh

Ohayo Ginza!  

There aren’t many people on the street at this hour because it’s still New Year holiday season in Japan.

My office building’s main door is closed; I entered a building using a card key to open a side door.

It was a quiet day so I managed to clear my desk and mails. 

This should be the way to start a new year!

I punched out at 5 pm to go out dinner with my Singaporean friends.

I had a gorgeous dessert, a strawberry parfait, at Takano Fruit Parlor Main Store, Shinjuku.

There are three different strawberries on the parfait and white one named Hatsukoi (First Love).  Yammy!!!

My Singaporean friends are so sweet.

A couple gave me souvenirs: TWG TEA and Sakura Cookies from the Cookie Museum.

Surely, I’ll enjoy them!

Thank you my friends for your thoughts and I wish you a safe journey back to Singapore!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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