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Dining with Friends from LA

I couldn’t post last night because I had too much fun.
I was too happy to see my friends from LA; therefore, I had too much sake. Ahhhhh

We went to Torihide at Roppongi because they requested Yakitori (chicken skewer).

Torihide is conveniently located at the Roppongi junction.

We can also order sushi because a sushi restaurant, Hachibei, above is a same group company.

Food is good and it never gets crowded.

But again, food is nice and location is good.

I wonder why this restaurant is always quiet.

Maybe because it’s on B1 (basement); we cannot check the restaurant from the street…?

Last night, we owned the place as if we rent out a whole restaurant. hahaha

After dinner, we went to T.G.I. Friday’s for dessert. 
Oh, I miss these!!

My friends also gave me nice souvenirs…


We met last night, but I already miss them… hahaha


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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