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Lazy Sunday and Healthy Monday

Yesterday, I pochi (press) Amazon Prime Video.

I tried free one month trial to finish watching the Suits Season 4.

I wish Season 5 is available.

Japan is behind the schedule.

I also enjoyed Calbee’s premium potato chips that my friend gave me.

These are in small packets so Iguiltily ate   few.

I was lazy on Sunday; but, how about my Monday…?

I went to pool in the morning; then went to dentist for annual check up.

I’m glad to know that my teeth are fine.

But I have one tooth that I need to treat.

It was treated by different dentist before, but still require further treatment. Ahhh

I was lazy yesterday so I tried to be healthy today.

I had healthy snack: cooked banana and orange.

Canadian Extra Light Maple Syrup added nice flavor. 

 (It was a nice sunny day. I closed curtains to take a photo).

It is Canadian Day today because I had Canadian Smoked Salmon Sandwich for dinner.

Okay, time to do my nail and go to sleep Zzzzz


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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