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I knew my dermatologist will ask me to stop going to the pool.

I went to the pool to walk; of course, I didn’t put my face down to water throughout my exercise – uhh…walking.

I haven’t washed my swimming cap because it’s never wet.

I walked for 30 mins and I took a shower immediately after I finish my exercise.

BUT my face got red.

After seeing my face, my dermatologist told me “I should stop going to pool” and gave me extra medicines to kill bacterias.

According to him, chlorine can be contained in vapor rising from a heated pool. 


If I work out with machines, my knees get damaged.

If I walk at the pool, my face gets red.

Either way, I require a Doctor and treatment.

It seems I spend money to creat a trouble… hummm

I cannot do much about it so I should think of now.

It was warm yesterday; some days it might get warmer now.

I opened a LION Ban Premium Roll (nano ion block deodorant) and Biore Body wipes (the aroma will change from lime soda to peach. I cannot wait to try it!).

Now, I should get ready for Spring! 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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