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Vacuum-Packed Smoothie

I made a green smoothie last night and vacuum-packed to save it for breakfast.

It was nice and time saving for morning.

In the afternoon, a Pakistan’s traditional sweet, Laddo, was delivered. 

According to an introduction sheet, this sweet is usually distributed during joyous occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birth, etc.

It’s made of ground chickpeas, flour, pumpkin seeds, raisons, almond, sugar and deep fried in vegetable oil.

It was my first time to try it and it was nice.

I had one.

Yes, I saw oil; therefore, decided to have a green smoothie for dinner.

Well, tonight, I went to gym; tonight’s exercise will cancel it, right?

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Anahachimangu (Anahachiman Shrine) @ Waseda, Tokyo

I went to Anahachimangu to get a good luck charms.

These are good luck charms for a smooth year: smooth relationships, smooth money transactions, etc.

I need to place a round good luck charm on a wall according to an instruction at midnight of 3 February 2017.

It has to face this year’s good luck direction: North- Northwest.

After a prayer and getting good luck charms, we went to lunch at Sanchoan.

Mom and I shared a “Yuzu soba ((facilitating) smoothness soba)” and Tonkatsu (pork rice bowl).

There is a rumor that this restaurant is a founder of tonkatsu.

I came for a good luck soba and their famous tonkatsu!

And I had Taiyaki for dessert.

This is a Japanese traditional desert in a shape of Tai (red snapper).

I bought one in traditional style and one in modern style, croissant taiyaki.

Both are delicious with a lots of sweet bean filling!

After lunch, we went to 100 yen shop Can Do (a dollar shop).

This is our routine because there isn’t any 100 yen shop in my area to shop consumable products cheap.

And the shop has many innovative products that I ended up buying MANY products.

A beauty part of 100 yen shop is I don’t feel guilty about it.

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Classic Concert @ Suntory Hall, Akasaka 

I had dinner at Wolfgang Puck at Ark Hills, Akasaka before concert.

It’s Tokyo branch of American restaurant and serves nice pizzas!

The concert was held at Suntory Hall, Ark Hills, Akasaka.

My parents are members of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Monthly Concert.

Dad couldn’t go today so I went with Mom. 

Music was dynamic and enjoy the concert.

<Today’s Programme>

Conductor: Mr. Kazuyoshi Akiyama

Piano: Ms. Yu Kosuge 

1. Les Offrandes oubliees by Olivier Messiaen

2. Piano Concerto by Akio Yashiro 

3. La Tragedie de Salome by Florence Schmitt

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Visiting Toy Park Hakuhindo@Ginza

This place must is a dreamland for kids and even for adults. 

My friend from the US asked me to get Pokémon Cards for her sons.  

But there are too many series and different kinds: the Moon and the Sun, the starter kits, energy kit…

I was totally lost.

I don’t have any knowledge on toys, but I like to walk into this shop to find new ones.

I would love to go back there.

Who hates toys?

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What’s Happened to a Steak?

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t that hungry.

I decided to have a smoothie instead of a steak.

Oh, I’m adding lemon to get more vitamins!

I think it’s a good idea to add lemon!

When I have time, I cook lunch, bring it to the office and eat it at my desk.

After arranging flower…

At the class, I had some almonds, snacks and this good luck sweets, Hachifukumochi, from Hikawa Shrine.

Since this year is predicted bad for me, I’m glad that I can have one.

Thank you my friend to share good luck with me!

I had some snacks at the class; therefore, I have no choice, but to have smoothie for dinner.

What’s happened to that steak?

I cooked it for tomorrow’s lunch. 

To be honest, I want to eat it now.

I’m hungry…

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Why Not Steak for Breakfast?

I had a weird thought tonight.

I had smoothie for dinner and surely I’ll be hungry next morning.

Why not steak for breakfast?

I’m defrosting a piece of fillet steak now.

There is no harm to eat steak in the morning, right? 

I should be able to burn the calories in a day and I need to take protein as well!!

Or….am I wrong….?

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I bought soy milk on the way back.

Okay, prepared

soy milk (non-preparation): 270 cc,

Apple: 75g, and 

Carrot: 75g

Set up

Started vacuuming 

Started mixing


I need to press one button to start a cycle.

I put together with skin, but the smoothie is nice and smooth.

I want to try other recipes and will try making my own!!

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Thank You Amazon!

I received two products which I ordered last Saturday night.

My camellia oil for hair is about to finish so I ordered Moroccan Oil.

This oil has been on beauty magazines for quite some time; must be good.

I also received a smoothie maker: TESCOM TMV 1100.

This smoothie maker is unique, it’s a vacuum smoothie maker.

There won’t be any air in a cup to oxidize the smoothie; therefore, smoothie will be FRESH and we can KEEP the smoothie fresh.

I can make it at night and enjoy it next morning. 

How nice! 

I wanted to try a smoothie tonight; but I had no energy after gym.

I will study a manual book and recipe book in a bed Zzzz

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Relaxing Sunday

It’s cold and raining.

Decided to stay in and catch up on TV.

CSI ends…

How many hours did I watch today…? hahaha

I tried to eat more vegetables today.

Breakfast: Boiled Vegetables.

At the Micuras, hotel prepared a strainer and pot with boiled water for hotel guests to put fresh vegetables to cook. This is easy and delicious. 

Lunch: Cookies

No comment. However, it’s a trend to eat sweets for breakfast so that we can burn calories. 

Dinner: Korean BBQ

It’s been cold and I can feel that I might catch a cold. I should eat more leek to prevent catching cold.