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Dos and Don’ts

I went to see a physical therapist today.

About two weeks ago, he fixed my knees.

It was incredible because my knees giving me troubles since March 2016; but he fixed it in 1.5 hr.

But today, I needed to make an appointment again.

I asked what I have done wrong in two weeks.

After his treatment, I felt good so I went to gym to work out my upper body, then I damaged my knees even though I only worked out UPPER BODY!

I couldn’t believe my knees are so fragile.

I switched my exercise going to the pool; but damaged my skin because of chlorine.

I explained all my thoughts and doubts to him to determine “dos and don’ts”.

Japanese are polite; to get his opinions, I needed to fish.

First I asked him, “should I stop working out upper body at the gym?”

“It’s okay. It’s good to work out upper body, but don’t use your legs”.

“Are you sure? I damaged my knees last time. I know I will disappoint my trainer, but I think I should stop going.”

“Ummm you might want to take a break until your knees get stronger”.

He should have told me that when I asked  him last session so that I won’t exercise at the gym to damage my knees so soon!

I used the same method, “I think I should stop going to my body work because he might push different points even you two have the same concept: straighten the body”.

“Yeah yeah”

I asked all sorts of questions:

Q. what kind of exercise I should do to replace swimming.

A. He taught me where to massage while taking a bath and light exercise using a chair (I can also do it in a bathtub).

2. is there any way to fix my jaw’s joints problem.

Q. He taught me where to pressure. According to him, it will make my face smaller and lift up my face! That’s awesome!

3. Teach me correct way of walking.

A. He demonstrated it and I practiced on the tread mill till I get it’s feeling.

Fuuuuu. I know I need to make decisions, but he could just tell me do’s and don’ts to save my time and money.

Oh well, now I know them, let’s do it!

When I finished the session, I asked him when to make a next appointment; but he told me to call him when I need the session.

I told him, “now I know dos and don’ts, I hope I don’t need to call you for long. Don’t get me wrong, I DID enjoy talking to you. I just hope that I don’t need to see you so soon”. 

He laughed. 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

2 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts

    1. You are absolutely right. I misunderstood that my knees are cured because I stopped feeling pain. I still needed rest, but over do. Now I learned the correct way to walk to ease burden to my knees. Yes, I learned that a small care can lead to healing. Thank you for your comment (it’s encouraging) and I wish your mother gets well soon.

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