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Protein Charge

I got the name of a nice BBQ restaurant in the neighborhood last night: Dedesuke Ginza.

I couldnt wait; I went to Dedesuke Ginza TODAY for early dinner.

Meats are so FRESH!

I enjoyed every dishes!

It is highly recommended to go to this restaurant if you are a meat lover.

Food is fresh, place is clean and price is reasonable!

Don’t worry; English menu and foreign language speaking staffs (English and Chinese) are available.

After dinner, I was so full and could enjoy a walk in Ginza.

Earlier today, I spotted an electric business card recorder and electric memo pad on the magazine.

According to a magazine, I can find these at Ginza Itoya.

I was in Ginza already; I went to Ginza Itoya Annex to check out these.

I love visiting Ginza Itoya because we can find many innovative stationeries there!

It’s so much fun to walk around the building♪

Good exercise, too!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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