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Setsubun no Hi (3 February)

Based on Japanese old calendar, 3 February is the New Year Day.

We believe Japanese horoscope starts today.

Traditionally, we through dried soy beans against demons to push bad luck away and bring good luck to home.

When we through soya beans, we say, “oniwa soto. (demons (evils) out) Fukuwa uchi (happiness to home)”.

We also eat number of age of soya beans for good luck.

And this is a new trend, coming from West Japan.

We eat a thick long rolled sushi facing at the good direction of the year while we pray for a good year to come.

I wanted to eat a long one, but it was cut to be eaten easily because others, including sushi master, don’t believe in this new custom.

Hummm, what’s wrong to be happy?

At last, I have another thing to do today.
The other day, I posted about this good luck charm: Ichiyouraifuku (bads end and goods will come, like ending winter and welcoming spring).

At midnight of 3 February, I need to place this good luck charm at high place and facing good direction of the year to make my life Smooth! 

Yes, I feel peace and now I can go to bed.

SLEEPY zzzzz


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