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My Favorite Drinks: Smoothie and Wine 

I’ve been enjoying a cup of smoothie every morning since I bought a smoothie maker, Tescom TMV 1100.

Today, I went to buy a lunch box. (Yes, I was lazy making lunch today….).

I found a nice lunch box, but I thought I should take more veggies.

I bought smoothies which were on promotion – discount.

I tried a green smoothie, but surprisingly it’s sweet.

I opened it to check its greeness.

Hummm, my green smoothie is much more delicious.

Now I enjoy making my own recipe smoothie. 

Today’s Recipe:  Contrex water (200 ml), orange (60g), spinach (40g), apple (60g) and carrot (30g)

For dinner, I enjoyed another favorite drink: few glasses of wine.

Wine is also good, right? 


Yes, I should be careful, not to over drink.

Well, this one is special……

Corton Clos Du Roi Grand Cru 2010 (Beaune, France)

Wine is so delicate….yet, enhancing food….

It’s not cheap (USD 125), but worth trying it once.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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