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Binge-Watch Movie

I frequently binge-watch TV dramas, but TODAY I binge-watch movie at the movie theater. 

I started with ALLIED (Japanese title is Marianne).

The movie is scenic and beautiful.

It made me cried at the end…

I highly recommend to watch this movie even you are not a Brad Pitt fan.

I might look for a book to read the original story.

Then continued watching Japanese movie: Aibou (Partner).

This is a movie of TV series that have been on the air since year 2000!   

It’s showing season 15 on every Wednesday now.

Mr. Ukyo Sugishita is the main police character (detective) to solve difficult cases.

This time, he stopped a terrorists’ attack with his PARTNER; he always has a partner and this partner gets changed after few series. 

A leader of terrorists became a terrorist because he was abandon by the Japanese government during the WWII.

He is a bad guy, but I sympathy him.

I love movies♪


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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