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Greedy Night: Hiroshima-yaki Dinner and Massage

I had Hiroshima-yaki at Sanshou, Ginza for dinner.

Sanshou is located at the second floor of Hiroshima TAU: an antenna shop where we can buy Hiroshima local specialties.

Hiroshima-yaki is originated from Hiroshima, similar to Okonomiyaki (Osaka Culture), but it’s with noodle.

I had deluxe Hiroshima-yaki with oyster, squid, shrimp and pork.

A restaurant is simple, but food is delicious♪

My back was so stiff; Googled for massage and went to Roppongi Yuren.

Surprisingly, many Japanese celebrities visited this massage shop; these are their autographs.

The place is small, but clean and homey; customers kept on coming in.

I enjoyed 100 mins body and foot massage.

My massager is good; my body is light now.

Thank you, Mo-san!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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