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Hatsushima, then Usami Onsen (Hot Spring)

I came to Hatsushima for diving.

It’s about two hours away from Tokyo by car.

We dived at Futatsune.

It’s cold today (15C in water), but it was fun.

I saw a Japanese angel shark twice; both of them are female.

She is flat and got many freckles.

I also saw a Hatsushima’s idol, Jaw Fish.

He is cute in pink!

Then I saw a group of kibomago (silver-stripe round herring). 

It was nice.

I haven’t started taking photos so you need to find out how these looks by yourself…Sorry…

This was my lunch at Hatsushima.

Hatsushima is a small island.

It is my first trip to Hatsushima and I like it!

I would like to visit again.

Tonight, staying at minshuku (Japanese casual inn) Otsuka, Usami Onsen.

It’s nice and cozy.

It has a nice ocean view from a room.

But be careful; their bath is hot.

After dipping to their onsen (hot spring).

I enjoyed delicious food; I had fugu (blow fish) course dinner.

It’s worth visiting from Tokyo.

There are many dishes; these are some of close up photos that I enjoyed very much.

It’s still 9 o’clock, but ready to sleep on futon.

Good night.

I’m sure I won’t dream tonight. hahaha


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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