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No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat

I am practicing a new diet (eat meat, but no rice, flour and sugar) for two weeks.

Yes, I lost few kg and I’m keeping it. Yeah!

Today, I met my diet mentor (physical therapist) and was informed that I need to be careful of seasonings.

For example, Ponzu, it’s soy sauce with citrus, but a commercialized Ponzu uses fruit sugar and liquid sugar.

And salt; I need to cut salt totally.

Miso soup isn’t recommended to take because it’s too salty.

We can intake enough amino acid from meat.
Miso soup is Japanese traditional food; furthermore, miso is fermented and fermented food is known as good for body.
But it’s not recommended.

It seems my knowledge is outdated.

He advised me I shouldn’t grill a steak with salt; I should grill with pepper and garlic only.

He recommended to eat together with herbs such as coriander (paxi) to get flavour on breast chicken.

I eat Paxi when I eat Thai food or other ethnic food.

I never bought it, but I look for it at a supermarket tonight.

I tried a bite together with chicken, and I agree it tastes good.

I was in shock.

I need to further discipline myself.

When I saw this sophisticated bottle at supermarket, I decided to reward myself.

Mt. Fuji Sparkling Water.


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