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Short to Trip to Osaka and Kyoto

My friends bought a JR Pass to get unlimited access to JR train.

It is advisable to get this pass if you plan to visit many places in Japan.

We planed to visit Osaka and Kyoto this weekend!

It’s sweet to have a Coffee break on bullet train.

First, we visited Osaka.

We went to Dotonbori, Osaka for lunch.

We can find many casual dining places in Dotonbori.

We decided to dine at Genkizushi, Dotonbori, Osaka because varieties of food are served: sushi, soba/udon, tempura,  obento (set menu), etc.

I had a steak and steak only. hahaha

After lunch, we shopped at Shinsaibashi shopping arcade.

It’s fun to hop in and hop out shops.

I bought two pairs of eyeglasses which cut 38% of blue light for heavy user of PC and mobile and 60% suitable for night, especially, before bed time.

I’m trying 60% now and my eyes are not hurt. 

I recommend to buy J!NS SCREEN.

It’s functional and reasonable, JPY 3,000 each.

I saw few Pablo cheese cake shop and at this restaurant, line was short!

We decided to get one for dessert after dinner.

We took a Shinkansen to reach Kyoto (15 mins).

We went to dinner after checked in at hotel.

Kyoto Style Tempra Yasaka Endo.

Let’s get ready!

Kyoto Style means using unique ingredients and cotton seed oil, instead of sesame oil in Tokyo.

After dinner, walked in Gion area and visited Yasaka Shrine.

I love visiting Osaka and Kyoto.

I would love to come back again!

It’s just unfortunate that Sakura is yet to bloom.

Soon Kyoto would be beautiful decorated by Sakura.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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