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Short Trip to Osaka and Kyoto (Day 2)

I had a very interesting day.

We took a Trokko (mountain train) to enjoy Saga • Arashiyama Mountain View.

After this train ride, we will be on that boat to enjoy river cruise.

Next, Hozugawa Kudari (Hozu River Cruise).

A boat will cruise through a rocky and rapid stream.

We waved at Torokko (mountain train) – we were on that train earlier… and…

Normal JR Line, Sanin Line from a boat.

This 1 hour 45 mins journey is so scenic.

Most of trees are Sakura trees in this photo and there are many Sakura trees at river bank.

Wheather Agency already announced Kyoto is Sakura season; however, the recent sudden temperature drop delayed Sakura blooming greatly.

I could viewed Few Sakuras in Kyoto.

I thought we planned to visit Kyoto at the perfect timing, unfortunately, I missed it by a week.

At the end of the river cruise journey, we reached to another famous sightseeing spot, Togetsukyo (Togetsu Bridge).

We enjoyed Kyoto Lunch, Yudofu (Boiled Tofu) there.

After lunch, we returned to city by a train, Randen (Ranzan Line).

Now I’m on the way back to Tokyo by Shinkansen (Bullet Train).

I have visited Kyoto few times, but this is my first time to ride on Torokko, Hozugawa Kudari and Randen. 

I tried many different rides in a day and visited a new area of Kyoto; this trip became so memorable for me.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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