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Weekday Night

I didn’t upload for few days; I was simply busy with work. 

After busy days, I went for a quick bite and went to bed early.

On Thursday night, I went to my regular Sushi Restaurant, Sushiya no Goto.

On Friday night, I went to a new restaurant, Niku no Rakuem (Meat Paradise) at Roppongi Yokocho.

At First/Ground Floor of ROI Buildig, Roppongi, about twenty restaurants operates.

Is this a typical Asian style restaurant corridor for you?

The most recommended restaurant there is Niku no Rakuen (Meat Paradise).

If you are a meat lover, it’s casual and delicious.

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Trip to Kamogawa, Chiba 

Yesterday, on Saturday, I drove to Kamogawa, Chiba to attend a Buddhist Ceremony for our Grand Father which is scheduled on Sunday.

It takes three hours drive to reach there and the ceremony is scheduled at 10:30 am in the morning.

We (family members) decide to arrive one day earlier to enjoy staying in town.

We used to visit there often when our grand parents were still alive.

We have many memories here and there in town.

We used to stay in Kanpo no Yado Kamogawa, a hotel operating by a Japanese former national insurance company (currently, privatized).

We used to dine at a restaurant to enjoy local food and bath in a large public bath over looking Pacific Ocean.

This hotel is reasonable and located in front of Kamogawa Sea World (aquarium) and our Temple, Eimeiji (Eimei Temple).

I attended a ceremony and we also enjoyed eating lunch and talking after the ceremony.

They gave us a box of Soramame (broad beans) as a sourvenir. 

I love this beans so quickly boiled and ate when I got back.

It’s so fresh!!!

I miss my Grand Parents.

Please Rest In Peace. 

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Trip to Sipadan (Day 6)

It’s time to go back.

Sayonara & Arigatoooooooo!!!

Since it’s a last day of Japanese Golden Week holiday, a plane back to Japan is full.

I had to divert to Singapore: Tawau – Kauala Lumpur – Singapore – Haneda/Tokyo.

On the way to Singapore, I already started feeling sentimental by looking at movies and photos.

I arrived Singapore happily and saw a disturbing word on a signboard – Delayed.

Soon I found that my flight delayed for a half day – I missed going back to office on Monday. Ahhhhh
We get a free accommodation in Singapore, but this is unexpected.

It is a nice hotel, but didn’t have much time to enjoy my stay.

We arrived midnight and left hotel at 5:15 am to catch 7:45 am flight.
Luckily, I’ve been waking up at Kapalai/Sipadan early.

Hotel quickly prepared supper for us.

At the Changi Airport, I found a wine tasting server – interesting!

As usual, I enjoyed food and movies on the crowded plane.



Collateral Beauty

I read a manga on the screen: Tokyo Tarareba Musume (Tokyo What If Girls).

My first time to read a manga on the airline screen!

Finally, I reached Haneda/Tokyo.

What a trip!

This trip become a memorable one for sure!

Would I do it again?


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Trip to Sipadan (Day 5)

Last day to dive…I’m lucky, I am going to dive at Sipadan again!

When we dive at Sipadan, we leave the pier at 5:30 am to catch early risers, bump fish.

It’s still dark.

I’m not good at waking up early, but for diving, I can wake up. hahaha

It was worth waking up early.

I swam with many Bump Fish!

There are many sharks!

A stream of horse mackerels.

My friend took a photo of me dive into bourse makerels.

Wahhhh her photo is so sharp!

Shall I consider getting a proper camera…?

We were looking for a barracuda.

We swam and swam looking for baraccudas at Barracuda Point, twice.

At last dive (4th dive), we decided to enjoy diving with beautiful coral scenery. 

But we are lucky!!!

There are baraccudas…

I got closer to them, then they started making a Barracuda Tornado!!!

Breath taking.

I’m so so lucky!

First Sipadan Trip, I witnessed a Barracuda Tornado!!!

I appreciate whatever I see there.

This is a long living shell.

It grew too large unabling to close now.

I watched so many things: various tropical fish, sea slugs, turtles, sharks, Bump Fish, hourse mackerels…and…Baraccuda Tornado!

I had so much fun diving here! 

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Trip to Sipadan (Day 3)

Today, we are going to dive at SIPADAN!

I was nervous.

So many what if crossed my mind.

But soon I know I’m going to have good time here.

Many wild dolphins greeted me!!

And this is SIPADAN!

We rest between dives at station in Sipadan.

Under water, I met a family of bump fish.

They have scars on their heads because they fight and bump their heads to each other.

Wahhhh there are many horse mackerels – so beautiful!

They are always in group.

They look yammy!

Sharks – handsome!

Cute turtle

I’ve been seen him, but don’t know his name.

What’s his name…?

I want to buy a fish illustrated book to check its name.

Dolphins surely brought me good luck.

I managed to catch a school of barracuda!


We departed Kapalai at 5:30 am for Sipadan.

We dived at four points: Coral Garden, Barracuda Point, South Point and Barracuda Point.

After dinner, I went to bed early. Zzzzzzz