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Trip to the US (Day 3)

I took a quick breakfast to catch a plane to Phenix.

San Francisco is a busy airport being a hub airport.

I took American to Phenix.

The art of Kusama Yayoi, a Japanese artist – famous for using polka dots in her art, was displayed at the corridor.

I watched the movie, Swan Lake, on my iPhone by downloading app, Gogo Entertainment.

The service is good but I could not finish the movie before landing.

I had a small refreshment.

I arrived the Red Rock Country, Sedona.

Sedona is the vortex of spiritual energy.

I was there and watched famous vortex site.

Bell Rock – the shape of bell.

Cathedral Rock – three mountains like the shape of teeth.

The Sacred Place for Native Indians – four rocks where Native Indians play.

Snoopy Rock – there is a sleeping snoopy.

See! I enlarge a photo to locate Snoopy (at the center).

I had a nice Mexican lunch at 89 AGAVE.

Main dish was shrimp fajitas! Yammy!

After lunch, went to shopping for power stones!

I bought four stones.

Yes, I need to bring back ENERGY with me.

Then went to the Vortex Site, Airport Mesa.

Thunder Mountain – this rocks gave inspiration to Walt Disney who had stayed here then, to design the Big Thunder Mountain. That is why the Big Thunder Mountain are red rocks. Look carefully, on the left there is a wheel and on the right, there is a tea pot.

I wish I could stay longer in Sedona, but departed for the Grand Canyons to watch the sunset there.

Rocks are so beautiful and changed colour as sun moves.

On the way out, a family of elves greeted me.

Sun has set and checked-in at the Best Western Premier Gtand Canyon Sqire Inn.

I had a bottle of local beer, onion soup, rib eye steak and cheese cake.

Today, I received strong vortex so theoretically, I’m strong; nonetheless, I should sleep for few hours.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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