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Trip to the US (Day 2)

It seems many cargo trains passed by last night; but I didn’t wake up till my alarm went off.

I woke up feeling fresh this morning.

I had a typical American breakfast: egg, sausage, beacon, turkey ham, cheese, pan cake, yogurt, fruit and Starbucks coffee!

I departed Double Tree by Hilton Modenas for Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite is Native Americans (Indians) language meaning Brown Bear.

A bus is climbing mountains. 

On the way to Yosemite, we drove through Mariposa, which was a gold mining town in 1848 at the time of  the California Gold Rush.

Many speculators rushed to California to look for Gold especially in 1849; therefore, they are called 49ers which now named for American football team, San Francisco 49ers.

Players are definitely “49ers” because they also rush for an opportunity (ball) to make them famous and wealthy.

This town didn’t die after the California Gold Rush era died because the town became a resting area before reaching Yosemite.

The town preserves cowboy town look.

This is how they mined gold. 

On the way to Yosemite, I could see old mining points.

It took over 3 hours to reach the Arch Rock Entrance of the Yosemite National Park and also the Unesco’s World Heritage.

I am lucky because I was told that past 7 – 8 years it didn’t rain enough so waterfalls and rivers were thin and some points dried.

However, last year it rained well so I could enjoy powerful waterfalls and rivers today!

At the Tunnel View point, I overlooked the Bridalveil Falls (on the right), Half Dome (a peak in the center) and El Capitan (solid granite mountain which is popular for rock climbing on the left).

From a different point, we can take a look at Ribbon Fall next to El Captan.

And moved to another point to have a close look of Bridalveil Fall.

This fall named Bridalveil because at the bottom of the fall, the mist looks like as if bride’s veil is flipping by wind.

How romantic!

This dynamic cascade fall is 740 m length Yosemite Fall.

From the different point, I enjoyed peaceful looking Half Dome.

After viewing iconic points from different places, I became hungry.

I had a turkey burger (not a sandwich) and salad with ranch dressing at Yosemite Valley Lodge.

After lunch, I walked to the bottom of Yosemite Fall.

It’s so dynamic and powerful so I got wet at the bottom of Yosemite Fall.

On the way out of Yosemite, I enjoyed closer look of El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall.

I could feel the great power of Mother Nature by looking at many huge rocks cracked in two like this as if somebody cut it by a knife.

I bought a pair of socks and cap for the memory of Yosemite.

Agriculture is one of major industries of California.

California is famous for production of almonds, pistachios and olive oil.

This is an almond tree.

And these are almonds.

I bought these as my sourvenirs: Californian inshell almonds, inshell pistachios and olive oil.

Not only shopping, but I also enjoyed window views such as Wind Power Station (there are many as 300) and trains (could be over 100 cargo containers).

Before reaching to the hotel, I had a nice over 200 g rib eye steak and local beer, Sierra Nevada, at the Black Bear Diner.

Salad, corn bread, ice cream and coffee are also nice.

Restaurant is so cute, fully decorated with black bears!

Black bears are everywhere!

After a nice dinner, passed by Rakuten (Japanese leading e-commerce platform with 30% market share follow by Amazon (15%) and Yahoo Japan (3.2%)) and reached tonight’s hotel: the Best Western Plus Grosvenor Hotel.

Okay, my bath is ready.

Good night.

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Trip to the US (Day 1 Vol. 4)

It has been a LONG DAY.

I checked-in at Double Tree by Hilton Modenas.

A room is nice.

A powder room (area) and bathroom are located at the entrance area.

There is a train track nearby the hotel.

Cargo trains are frequently passing by; therefore, this hotel is equipped with ear plugs!

Obviously, I don’t need ear plugs.

I’m too tired and don’t care about noise from cargo trains.

This hotel has an unique way to fold towels and napkins as decoration.

I can try to do the same some day when I host a gathering.

The main dish of tonight’s dinner was a large pork chops.

I had second dish: a glass of red Californian wine.

Desert was ice cream.

Today, I posted 4 times and this is my highest record of posting in a day.

I hope you enjoy it.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night).

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Trip to the US (Day 1 Vol. 3)

The flight to San Jose was comfortable.

The flight was smooth (not jumpy) and I had a small cubical to myself with side table.

I enjoyed Japanese dinner while watching Beauty and the Beast. 

I cried because it’s far better than I expected.

After dinner, I watched another movie, an action movie: John Wick Chapter 2.

I sky-shopped a travel kit of Morrocan Oil.

I bought a bottle of it from Amazon before and I like how my hair looks after applying this. 

I finished it already and I think it’s nice to have a travel size.

Then I again enjoyed Japanese breakfast.

Even I ate Japanese breakfast, it would be nice to have a cup of coffee.

Now I can see San Jose!

I feel funny; in Japan it’s a day ahead and already on 18 June 2017, but now it’s still 17 June 2017 – Day 1 of my trip.

San Jose is known as Silicon Valley, but the airport is very analog.

We stopped at Safeway (supermarket) to buy water and lunch.

I was still full from breakfast so I bought snacks. hahaha

The first sightseeing spot was Golden Gate Bridge.

This bridge was built 80 years ago.

I was lucky because there was no fog and I failed to take a photo, but I could carxh whales swimming.

There is a walk way so I walked on the bright!

I can also have a good view of Alcatraz Island, the famous former prison island.

After a short and pleasant walk, we headed to a hotel in Modesto by passing famous Bay Bridge.

Amazing, a half part of bridge was also built 80 years ago.

In Japan, there is Bay Bridge in Yokohama.

Hopefully, one day I can post about Japanese Bay Bridge.

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Trip to the US (Day 1)

Yesterday, I was so happy at 5:30 pm.

I had a list of To Dos but managed to fininish them and left office happily!

I’m taking an early summer break and going to visit Mother Nature/Canyons in the West Coast.

I need to visit those Power Spots to get charged!!!!!

Now, I’m relaxing at the lounge to save energy for exciting trip!

I’m waiting for my bubbles…. 

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My Malaysian friend asked me to buy tickets to Ghibli Museum because he couldn’t buy them online.

I also checked online, but tickets are sold out for July 2017.

I thought there are some tickets reserved for Loppi. 

Loppi is a ticketing machine placed at LAWSON convenient shops.

We can buy tickets 24/7.

This is Loppi like an ATM machine.

Unfortunately, all tickets are sold out on any dates in July 2017!

On 10th of every month, tickets will be available to purchase for the next month.

Well, my friends need to plan to visit Tokyo again! 

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MAST Asia 2017 Tokyo

I visited MAST Asia 2017 Tokyo – International Maritime/Air Systems and Technologies for Defense, Security and Safety.
It’s a niche market, very niche.

I’m lucky to have friends that can explain to me about this industry while enjoying cups of NESPRESSO coffee and cakes.

It was a NICE DAY to escape from the office.

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Non Healthy Sunday

I started my day with this new toothpaste: roselle (hibiscus).

Roselle is rich in vitamin C; therefore, this toothpaste is good for gum.

I try it and taste is not bad.

Dad gave me a Starbucks’ free drink ticket and this ticket will expire on 13 June 2017.

I decide to treat myself after beauty salon: strawberry Cream Frapuccino.


I overare today, cannot stop eating. hahaha

And I need to make correction on yesterday’s recipe – one ingredient missing: 15 cc olive oil.

This is a medicine! 

Healthy medicine!