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Gathering with Relatives

Today, I attended my Uncle’s 7th Anniversary of Buddhist Memorial Service.

My mother’s side of relatives gathered to pray for him.

We miss him, but we were all smiling and sharing memories about him.

He gathered us in one place despite our business and strong Typhoon 21.

After the prayer, we enjoyed lunch while busy catching up with each other and moved to one of relatives’ house to continue tea party.

My cousin cooked home made gyunyu  kanten (milk jelly) and pumpkin pudding; delicious!

Persimmons are harvested at their yard.

I love their fruit and vegetables because they don’t use pesticide at their farms!

There are alerts for floods and landslides for the area where I was and roads that need to take to return Tokyo.

It rained cats and dogs; however, I wasn’t afraid driving in rain because I know my Uncle is happy to see me and he would make sure to bring me back home.

I miss him.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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