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Day 2 at Magic Kingdom

I took a heavy breakfast to charge energy for visiting Tokyo Disneyland!

First, we went to Toon Town to meet Mickey!

This is Mickey’s House.

And we took a photo at his movie barn!

I took a nice couple’s photo and displaying it at my room. fufufu.

We managed to take a fast pass for Space Mountain.

Again, forgot to take a photo because we could walk all the way to the ride. hahaha.

It’s time for Disney Christmas Stories.

Hi, Mickey and Minnie!

Continued with rides.

Monster Inc – light up with a torch light.

Stitch Encounter – interactive show (interacting with audiences/visitors). Amazing and fun.

Buzz Lightyear’s – a kind of shooting game.

The Castle is Cinderella Castle for Tokyo Disneyland.

Watched Mickey’s Philharmonic Magic Concert.

Then Dumbo!

We returned to hotel for dinner to get ready for Electrical Parade.

Wahhhh, Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Lights started!

Went back to Buzz again because managed to get a fast pass – well, this was the only ride available for a fast pass.

While fireworks… 

Went to Pooh’s Honey Hunt!

The queue was short because others are watching fireworks.

I love this ride!

Then Haunted Mansion; I went twice because quality is high.

Lastly, Splash Mountain.

Thank you Disney.

It was fun, so much fun…

Magic will end soon…



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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