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Day 1 at Magic Kingdom

I had an exciting week this week.

I took few days off to go to Magic Kingdom!

Went to one of official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels, Hilton Tokyo Bay, to drop my car and luggage.

We took a Hilton’s shuttle bus to Maihama Station/Tokyo Disney Land.

There is the Welcome Center for official Disney hotels, including Hilton Tokyo Bay.

If you are taking a train to Maihama Station, you can check-in and drop your luggage here so that you can go straight to Disney without wasting any minute.

Then, took a Disney monorail to Disney Sea!

Monorail excites me because it’s filled with Mickeys! 

I mean many Mickey!

Even the view looks different through this cute Mickey window!

Yes, we are all dressed up for Disney!

When we reached there, we were greeted by Mickey and others by their show: Perfect Christmas! MICKEY!

We watched another show: Broadway Big Band Beat.

We took a ride: Nimo & Friends Sea Rider.

I forgot to take a photo of Aquatopia because a queue was so short that I didn’t have to wait at all, just walk in. Yeah!

It was raining so we decided to return hotel for resting and dinner.

On the way out, I bought blueberry popcorns with Duffy popcorn case.

I can buy Duffy Popcorn Case only at Disney Sea at selected popcorn wagon.

We met Mickey at the exit. 

Hummmm, how to meet him privately to take a photo with him…?

We took a Mickey bus from Bay Side Station to Hilton Tokyo Bay.

At the entrance, there is a play area for children.

Many children also enjoy watching trains.

We stayed at Magic Family Room for a little niece.

We received a letter when we checked-in and it says I can meet a girl, Tiara, who is studying magic in a mirror.

There is a key in a room and it lights up.

I also enjoyed lying on a bunk bed. hahaha

After room inspection, we went to enjoy buffet dinner.

Then we returned to Disney Sea for Colour of Christmas.

Also visited Mermaid Lagoon to enjoy rides, too.

I queued for Indiana Jones Adventure twice in the past; however, both time I couldn’t get on due to a system error.

But that night, I finally rode… twice!

It was awesome.

Yes, we enjoyed very well for the first day at the Magic Kingdom!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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