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Bonenkai (Year-End Gathering) Day

Today, I had two Bonenkai.

I had a corporate Bonenkai (Year -End Gathering) at Malaysian Restaurant, Malay Asian Cuisine, Shibuya, Tokyo.

I enjoyed these Malaysian food: Satay, Nasi Lemak, ota ota (it’s fish surimi. After open banana leaf, there is a curry flavored fish surimi: picture on the right), Murtabak, pandan chiffon cake and Teh tarik.

At the evening, I enjoyed Italian at Il Ritrovo, Ropppongi Hills, Tokyo with my flower arrangement class mates (7 of us).

I was busy talking during Bonenkai; therefore, I forgot to take photos.

Nonetheless, the restaurant is famous for pizza, delicious and VERY cost effective.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my friends!

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Movie Sunday

I woke up early for Sunday to catch 9:00 am showing movie at Toho Cinema, Roppongi.

Star Wars started showing on 15 December 2017 in Japan.

I watched it on an Extra Large Screen with better audio, DOLBY ATMOS.

The movie is absolutely nice!

I cried through the movie and this is definitely a must movie.

Later in the afternoon, I watched Murder On The Orient Express.

I enjoyed it in different way, classic but thrilling.

It was an exciting day!

One can make me happy, but TWO!

Extremely, happy!

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Foodie Report: Nihonbashi Yabukyu

I had a nice namakaki tempura zarusoba (oyster tempura cold sobs) tonight at Nihonbashi Yabukyu, Tokyo.

This soba shop opened in Japanese Era Meiji 35 years, 1902.

This restaurant is a member of Kibachi Kai.

Kibachi (wooden bowl) symbolizes the basic of soba.

Kibachi Kai aims to improve skills among members.

I found my favorite soba shop name, Azabu Jyuban Sarashina Horii, in a list.

If you are looking for a nice soba shop, we can refer to the website of Kobachi Kai at, it’s in Japanese only.I hope you would reach to a soba shop by Google Map…?