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Movie Sunday

I woke up early for Sunday to catch 9:00 am showing movie at Toho Cinema, Roppongi.

Star Wars started showing on 15 December 2017 in Japan.

I watched it on an Extra Large Screen with better audio, DOLBY ATMOS.

The movie is absolutely nice!

I cried through the movie and this is definitely a must movie.

Later in the afternoon, I watched Murder On The Orient Express.

I enjoyed it in different way, classic but thrilling.

It was an exciting day!

One can make me happy, but TWO!

Extremely, happy!

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Foodie Report: Nihonbashi Yabukyu

I had a nice namakaki tempura zarusoba (oyster tempura cold sobs) tonight at Nihonbashi Yabukyu, Tokyo.

This soba shop opened in Japanese Era Meiji 35 years, 1902.

This restaurant is a member of Kibachi Kai.

Kibachi (wooden bowl) symbolizes the basic of soba.

Kibachi Kai aims to improve skills among members.

I found my favorite soba shop name, Azabu Jyuban Sarashina Horii, in a list.

If you are looking for a nice soba shop, we can refer to the website of Kobachi Kai at, it’s in Japanese only.I hope you would reach to a soba shop by Google Map…?

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Embarrassing Moment

After lunch, I played music to enjoy coffee.

Surprisingly, the volume was low; I turned up the volume and people at next table looked at me.


Music was playing from my mobile…I was listening to Lady Gaga to boost me after lunch.

Lady Gaga, is it a safe choice or bad…?

How could it happen?

I heard from earphones that it’s connected…?

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I used to go to nail salon to do calgel, but it couldn’t last for a month for me.

I had to visit nail salon often and it wasn’t cheap.

I used to spend minimum USD 100 for ten fingers.

If I add more decorations, it costs more.

Today, I apply nail by myself; but, after some time, tip will chip.

I am lazy to redo; therefore, I added another colour to look like bi-colour design. hahaha

It’s not bad, isn’t it?

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I’ve been listening to Amazon Music and I enjoy listening to their play lists.

My earphones are working excellent and now I can enjoy music with better quality sound.

I decided to try Apple Music.

Currently, Apple provides three months trial for free.

Let’s check out Radio Stations.

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Taking a Bath

Taking a bath can solve problems of swelling and blood circulation.

I take bath which is 38 – 40C for 15 – 20 minutes to warm the centre of my body.

40C is low for Japanese, but I start sweating and get warm up after 20 minutes.

Taking a bath is also good for detoxing.

Water gets cold fast during winter; therefore, I reheat a couple time in 15 – 20 minutes.

There is a function to reheat a bath in Japan.