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Family Dinner @ Aux Six Arbres, Roppongi

I’ve been looking for a French restaurant that my Dad wants to dine.

I had difficulty to locate it because he gave me the wrong area to look for…tonight, we locate it and went to Aux Six Arbres.

I’ve dined here before so I knew this restaurant, but I didn’t think this is the restaurant that he was looking for because he gave me the wrong area.

He dined here 20 years ago.

He followed his superior at that time so he couldn’t remember the location.

Well, it’s sweet of Dad that he thought of taking us (Mom and I) here.

All of us enjoyed nice French.

Desserts, we could select from these.

These all look nice, how could I resist them?

Therefore, I asked for a small piece for all together with a cup of Espresso!

There are more…we all brought them back.

Restaurant is cozy and food is nice so we smiled through out the dinner.

I think this restaurant becomes our family restaurant tonight♪


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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