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Business Trip to Fukui (Day 1)

We took early Shinkansen (bullet train) to depart for Fukui as early as 7:33 am.

Therefore, I took a breakfast on the train knowing it will be three hours journey to Maibara Station to change to Shirasaki Express Train; it takes four hours to reach Fukui.

The sample looked nice and packed, but when I opened it…I was surprised how it looks….ah empty…?

When we reached Maibara Station, we rushed to the platform for Shirasagi Express Train because we didn’t have much time.

From the window of Shirasagi, we can spot snow here and there.

Nonetheless, we arrived Fukui safely and started our programme for today: networking lunch and seminar.

Since I acted as host and secretariat so that I refrained myself for taking photos but moved around the floor.

After the event, we had a dinner at Japanese Restaurant Tachibana, 2F, Yours Hotel, Fukui.

I was looking forward for the local specialty, Echizen Crab.

We also had Kaiseki (Japanese course menu) while waiting for crab.

Then tadaaaaaa crab

Then noodle and dessert.

I ate for few days potion today.

I definitely need to exercise more. haaaa

We had all events at Yours Hotel, Fukui and finally I returned to room for resting.

At the room, I opened gifts from guests.

These are Fukui local special crafts.

From left, Fukui plum castella (cake), Mayu (cocoon) cosmetics and abalone shell decoration chopsticks.

So nice!

It’s getting late and I found a foot massage machine at the closet.

I tried it to relax my feet in the room.

I can have a good sleep tonight.



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