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Business Trip to Fukui (Day 2)

I ate a lot yesterday; therefore, I took a simple breakfast: Fukui sour plum onigiri (rice ball) and a coffee.

We departed for three company visits.

First, we visited Muroji, the world oldest soy sauce producer since 1573.

It has 450 years of experience in soy sauce making.

This company is also the first Japanese soy sauce manufacturer to export Japanese soy sauce 150 years ago.

The company wants to expand their overseas market so that one day you might find their products at the supermarkets near you.

Second, we visited Matsuura Machinery Corporation.

The company manufactures machine tools with high performance.

Their machine can produce high precision machine parts for various industries such as aerospace, medical device, machinery (cutting tool) and premium motor sports such as F1.

They can offer various attractive machines such as 5 Axis machine tools and hybrid 3D printer which conducts both sintering and milling.

The factory visit was so much fun! Exciting.

After exciting company visits, we had lunch at the Bell Shopping Mall before last company visit.

I enjoyed nice sushi.

The last company visit was to Masunaga Optical Mfg Co Ltd.

I wanted to visit this eyeglasses manufacturer because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin made this company famous by wearing their eyeglasses.

Today their eyeglasses are popular among many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Christiano Ronaldo, etc.

The founders of Masunaga, Masunaga Brothers, wanted to create the industry in Fukui to creat jobs for the society.

They trained artisans and when they were ready allowed them to start their own business.

That is why there are many eyeglasses manufacturers located in Fukui.

Their products are sophisticated and stylish.

I plan to visit their shop in Tokyo: Masunaga 1905, Tokyo Aoyama Store.

It was fulfilling 2-day visit.

Sayonara Fukui.

I departed Fukui by Shirasaki.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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