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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 2

Sayonara Okura Hotel Takamatsuuuuu
Today, I visited as many as 13 temples!

No. 84 Yashimaji (Yashima Temple)
This temple is so beautiful. 

This is the back gate, not the main gate; yet, so beautiful.

This temple is special because Ganjin-wajo (Jiangzen) founded this temple.

The main temple

Close look of the main temple

No. 83 Ichinomiyaji (Ichonomiya Temple)

Do you want to hear the sound of Cauldron of Hell?

Just stick your head in!

I heard it…

No. 82 Negoroji (Negoro Temple)

There is a Gyuki (Devil) outside of the temple.

Temple is nicely coloured in autumn!

This is a good place to admire mountain colours.

No. 81 Shiramineji (Shiramine Temple)

I hit the bell, sounded calming.

Unfortunately, our driver couldn’t find a parking space because the place was already packed with cars.

He asked to proceed without him. 

Of course, I cannot recite the sutra perfectly yet; but I did my best. 

I hope God will forgive me even I couldn’t recite it smoothly.

No. 80 Kokubunji (Kokubun Temple)

There she is Benzaiten (Benten-sama).

She is one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune.

She is Godness of Beauty, Virtue and Good Fortune.

This is the oldest bell in Shikoku. 

This bell is the original bell since this temple was established.

It could be 1,200 years old…?

I learned that I should hit the bell before prayer to calm my mind.

If I hit it after prayer, I will bring bad fortune….

No. 79 Tennoji (Tenno Temple)

This back gate reminds me Europe…it’s obviously not Japanese style.

I think these are mosaic tiles…? 

This is the main gate and this gate is so unique.

There is a main Torii (gate) and there are two small Torii at each side.

This is one of three gates in this form.

I was given 30 mins for lunch.

The area is famous for Sanuki Udon (local noodle); therefore, this noodle was delicious.

This is a self service udon shop, same system as Hanamaru Udon, reasonable and delicious!

No. 78 Goshoji (Gosho Temple)

The ceiling is nicely decorated.

No. 77 Doryuji (Doryu Temple)

There is God for eyes as well.

No. 76 Konzoji (Konzo Temple)

These beads are in loop and located at the center of the main temple.

I pulled these beads to make one turn, it means I recite a sutra once.

There is a big bead to indicate the beginning.

And I found this Sound Mandala.

No. 75 Zentsuji (Zentsu Temple)

This is where Kobo Daishi (the founder of Shingon) was borned.

Main Temple

Nice Goju no To (Pagoda)!

Of course, two guardians (A-Un) guards Kobo Daishi.

This Daishido (where Kobo Daishi himself is enshrined) means special to us because again, HE WAS BORNED HERE!

No. 74 Koyamaji (Koyama Temple)

There is a cute gate inside.

I like how the roof is decorated; cute ones are guarding the main temple.

No. 73 Shusshakaji (Shushaka Temple)

Senju Kannon (Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara) is God for Year of Rat (Chinese Era).

The direct translation of this temple is “Buddha appears (Shusshaka)”.

When Kobo Daishi was seven, he asked Buddha if he is not meant to contribute hislife for Buddhism, just take his life; then jumped off this cliff.

Buddha appreared with a Heavenly Maiden to save him for falling.

Buddha told him to open a temple here.

This is a photo with Kobo Daishi with the cliff.

No. 72 Mandaraji (Mandara Temple)

The last temple of the day.

After 4:30 pm, we cannot light the candle to avoid causing a fire.

We can just place it to pray.

These are the original roof tiles.

Checked in at Okura Hotel Marugame.

Yesterday, I stayed at Okura Hotel Takamatsu, must be associated.

However, a room is bigger and it has a big observation public bath.

Hotel is nicely facing Setonaikai (Seto Island Sea) and it seems this hotel is used for a special occasions.

Again, food is delicious…I thought this trip will be a good for diet, but I’m failing…. hummmm


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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