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I was off line for a while.

It wasn’t my will but I detoxed this weekend, both physically and digitally.

I had good days and bad days and bad days eventually forced me to detox.

Last week, I was busy with good days.

Weekend: I went to Wakayama Prefecture to visit temples and enjoy being in nature – ocean, waterfall and mountains & trees.

Monday: I went to gym.

Tuesday: I went to an ear doctor for check up – nothing is wrong, I can go for more diving!

Wednesday: I went to body work.

Thursday: I went to see physical trainer.

Friday: I had girls’ night. We had so much fun so we had a little too much of red wine.

Saturday: I had a hangover and I slept through a day.
Sunday: I was feeling better, but I felt tired and slept through another day.

Monday: It is a Japanese national holiday (Spring Equinox Day); therefore, my office is closed. I finally woke up and be active: doing laundry, cleaning room, even went to beauty salon to get my hair done.

Since I slept through Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t eat and I open SNS.

I was forced to detox; but I feel fresh.

My body is lighter (lost few kg over weekend) and my mind is lighter (didn’t care about message – I only noticed I received few today).

It’s difficult to detox for me because I don’t have a strong will.

It is a perfect timing to change my diet – eating meat and vegetables only.

Let’s see how it works.

I will share more about it after getting result on me.  


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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