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I try to replace my snacks to nuts.

Now I love nuts and I cannot stop eating.

Today I check its nutritious facts…it’s high in CALORY and high in FATS!


I’m addicted; I cannot stop eating… Ooops

I didn’t know it’s addictive…dangerous.

On the other hand, there is nuts diet – we won’t suffer from hunger and get good nutrious facts from nuts. 

Hummm I didn’t know that.

I try to be careful, not to overeat.

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Nowadays I can easily find the word, mindfulness, on Japanese women’s magazines.

There are many magazines at my beauty salon and I read about it briefly the other day.

Today, I was standing in a train on the way to my dermatologist.

I needed to hold a rail because a train was packed. 

Since I was holding a rail, I cannot play with my mobile.

I looked outside, but I couldn’t see anything because windows were all fogged up due to a cold rain.

I remembered MINDFULNESS.

I didn’t close my eyes, but my surrounding created a perfect situation to listen to my feeling.

I have frustration.

While waiting for my turn at the dermatologist, I browsed on internet to learn more about MINDFULNESS.
Now it’s time to listen to my feelings to love myself more.

Perhaps, I can practice while I’m taking a bath because I sit in a bathtub for 10 – 15 mins in nice aroma and I’m relaxed.


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I was off line for a while.

It wasn’t my will but I detoxed this weekend, both physically and digitally.

I had good days and bad days and bad days eventually forced me to detox.

Last week, I was busy with good days.

Weekend: I went to Wakayama Prefecture to visit temples and enjoy being in nature – ocean, waterfall and mountains & trees.

Monday: I went to gym.

Tuesday: I went to an ear doctor for check up – nothing is wrong, I can go for more diving!

Wednesday: I went to body work.

Thursday: I went to see physical trainer.

Friday: I had girls’ night. We had so much fun so we had a little too much of red wine.

Saturday: I had a hangover and I slept through a day.
Sunday: I was feeling better, but I felt tired and slept through another day.

Monday: It is a Japanese national holiday (Spring Equinox Day); therefore, my office is closed. I finally woke up and be active: doing laundry, cleaning room, even went to beauty salon to get my hair done.

Since I slept through Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t eat and I open SNS.

I was forced to detox; but I feel fresh.

My body is lighter (lost few kg over weekend) and my mind is lighter (didn’t care about message – I only noticed I received few today).

It’s difficult to detox for me because I don’t have a strong will.

It is a perfect timing to change my diet – eating meat and vegetables only.

Let’s see how it works.

I will share more about it after getting result on me.  

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Surprise Gift: Yoku Moku

My friend gave me a gift.
Yoku Moku is a famous Japanese confectionery maker and their confectioneries are delicious!

This is a special gift edition and these are in specially designed box – so sweet.

In Japan, we call 14 March, White Day.

Japanese commercial sector is so clever. 

Japanese chocolate manufacturers set the trend and culture for girls to send a chocolate to express her feeling on 14 February.

To boost purchasing power in Japan, Japanese retailers created White Day (14 March) for boys to return an appreciation for chocolate.

These gift packages are now consumed by young ladies to reward themselves.

Perhaps, this is why we can still find cute packaged products.

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Self Spa

My friend gave me this nice eye mask, Megurizumu, last Thursday.

My eyes are tired from looking at PC, iPad and iPhone; time to relax.

I lay on the bed and opened a package.

This eye mask will heat to 40C once open the package.

I massaged my head with my own fingers while eye mask was heated for 10 mins.

I cannot write any more because I’m so sleepy.

Good night.

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Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage (Day 2)

Sayonara Kushimoto Royal Hotel.

And I enjoyed varieties of food at breakfast.

Wakayama is the largest production of sour plum in Japan; I tried my first sour plum porridge.

We are at the tip of the Kii Peninsula; therefore, we need to drive back over 200 km.

We stayed in bus for long; but I enjoyed scenery from a window.

I looked at Hashigui from the other side.

The scenery is so peaceful.

First we stopped at Nachi no Taki (Nachi Falls).

This is the tallest waterfall in Japan (133 m).

No. 1 Seigantoji

This is the World Heritage Site.

Main Temple

We can view Nachi Falls from here, too.

This temple is next to Kumano Nachi Taisha (shrine).

There is a simple gate to divide the two.

This Miagatahikosha is for safe travel and safe drive.

Obviously, I love traveling so I need God’s blessing.

In addition, Yatagarasu gets me excited.

This shrine is for Yatagarasu as well.

If you look carefully in a picture, you will find a crow with three legs.

Yatagarasu is used in design of Japanese national football team’s uniform because it plays a role as a guidance.

There is a hope that Yatagarasu would lead a Japanese national team to a victory.

Go Japan!

I also prayed for my good health by writing a wish board and to walk through 1,000 year old tree.

Time’s up!

I rushed back to the bus.

I continued enjoying scenery from a window again.

The water of Kumano River is so blue!

There is a boat to enjoy a river cruise, but we didn’t have time for that.

Perhaps, next time.

This is my lunch today.

I bought my own dessert: sour plum ice cream!

Next is the final destination of this trip.

No. 5 Fujiidera

Last sutra recite at the temple.

I love to visit Temples and Shrines because I can feel and touch real Japanese culture.

Many of them are located at peaceful places (mountain with full of trees, scenic ocean, etc).

I feel refresh visiting these temples and shrines and blessed.

We reached Shin-Osaka Station to catch a  shinkansen back home.

Ate dinner on Shinkansen.

Once I reach home, I take a shower and go to bed.

I plan to visit other 29 temples later this year.

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Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage 

Last November I conducted the Shikoku 88 Temples Pilgrimage.

This time, I came to Saigoku (the Western region of Japan) to visit 4 temples in weekend for the Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage.

Thirty-three temples are located in as many as six prefectures such as Gifu, Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Osaka and Hyogo.

I departed Tokyo for Osaka by Shinkansen (bullet train) early morning at 7:20 pm.

I had pork sandwich for breakfast.

Last November, I also started the Pilgrimage from here.

Bus departed from here, the same place.

First, we went to No. 3 Kokawadera.

This temple is located in Wakayama Prefecture.

I don’t remember visiting Wakayama; this could be my first trip to Wakayama.

For Shikoku Pilgrimage, we followed the number of Temple; however, for Shikoku, I was told we don’t need to follow number.

This temple is huge and beautiful.

Main temple looks far left.

This is the Main Temple.

Kawazu Zakura is beautiful.

The town is nicely decorated with Hina Ningyo.

Every 3 March, Hina Ningyo is decorated to wish for health and happiness for daughters.

Hina Ningyo is passed down to generations.

This must be antique Hina Ningyo.

We had a lunch box on bus for lunch.

No. 2 Kongoji (Kimiidera)

We climbed many steep stairs to Main Temple.

Main Temple

The ceiling is decorated with celestial maidens.

There is a Pagoda.

We could specially view the largest wooden Kannon today.

I hope you are blessed, too.

Before we check-in hotel, we stopped by to see amazing nature – strange stones: Hashigui Iwa.

It does look like as if these are foundations of bridge.

Hashigui means foundations of bridge and iwa means stones.

Amazing and beautiful.

We reached to the tip of Kii Peninsular to check-in at Kushimoto Royal Hotel.

A room is spacious.

I could see sunset from my room before dinner.

Dinner is nice.

Fresh, delicious and the right portion – not too little, not too much.

Continued enjoying local food at the room: ponkan orange, ume (Japanese apricot) and Kinkan (kumquat) juice, and water.

Wakayama is nice place to visit.

I’m Japanese; but there are still many places to be explored!