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Art Day

I went to Suntory Museum of Art (Tokyo Midtown Roppongi 3F) to admire “Kawanabe Kyodai: Nothing Escaped His Brush”.

He was a very imaginative painter: animals move like humans and he also painted many ghosts, goblins and monsters.

He had his own strange world to express.

If you wish to admire his arts, you are advised to take a photo of this promotional board which is placed at 1F of Tokyo Midtown Roppongi to get 100 yen discount from admission fee by showing the photo.

I’m lucky I had few complementary tickets. fufufu

After admiring Japanese paintings, I was in the mood for a Japanese dessert.

But to enjoy seasonal anmitsu (red bean paste and jelly with syrup), Strawberry Anmitsu, at Toraya Cafe (Tokyo Midtown Roppongi B1F.), I had to wait.

This is Japanese traditional dessert cafe, but the system for queue is very modern – computerized.

People before us weren’t there to wait so we managed to get a table fast.

I expected to see strawberry fruit in Anmitsu, but there aren’t any strawberries.

Though, it’s very strawberry because its very strawberry syrup and there are few strawberry jellies.

I’m glad to chose Matcha (thick green tea) to balance the sweetness.

For dinner, I went to Korean Dinning Kosari Tokyo, Akabane, Tokyo.

Choco and I enjoyed Korean BBQ on charcoals.

Choco had grilled chicken.

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Food Truck

I was working at our sister organization office today.

There are two food trucks parking outside of the building to sell Thai and Egyptian Food for lunch.

This is my first time to buy an Obento (lunch box) from a food truck and I decided an Egyptian Koshary chicken lunch set with an extra topping of Onsen-Tamago (half boiled egg).

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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 2)

Last night I had a difficulty to fall sleep.

Then I remember I took a Monster which was distributed on the street for promotion.

This is my first Monster and now I read clearly “Extra Strength” on the bottle.

No wonder I couldn’t fall sleep even I took a nice bath last night.

Nonetheless, I had the second bottle this morning to keep me going today.

I went down to take a breakfast.

I was informed by a taxi driver that the hotel, Hotel Keihan Sapporo, received the best breakfast award among hotels in Sapporo.

I enjoyed the varieties.

Then we headed to Hotel Okura Sapporo to organize a seminar.

After the seminar, we visited two organizations to establish business relationships.

The organization that we visited is nicely located in front of the Hokkaido tourist place: Sapporo Tokeidai (Sapporo Clock Tower).

We are lucky that we could take few tourists photos.

Between two meetings, we took a break and lunch to enjoy nice Hokkaido ice cream at Yukijirushi Parlor (Snow Brand Cafe), Sapporo.

I had the limited edition: Strawberry Parfait.

After the second meeting, we rushed back to the hotel to pick our luggages to depart for the Shin-Chitose Airport because snow is getting heavy.

It was the wise decision to depart for the airport earlier because it took longer to reach to the airport due to the bad road condition.

We enjoyed shopping and dinner at the airport calmly.

I bought Royce Yamazaki Whiskey Chocolate and Rokkatei Milk Chocolate Coated Strawberries for myself. hahaha

Now I will head back home.

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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 1)

I took an early flight to Hokkaido.

We took a train to the city center: Sapporo.

We took lunch at Marumiya, Paseo Sapporo.

We had some time before the meeting so that we stopped by at the Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival).

The first… yeah, it’s Star Wars!!!

There is a giant snow cup noodle with slide.



Tennis Player Naomi Osaka

NHK character Chiko-chan


Tokeito (Sapporo’s Crock House)



Swords Art Online

Finland Plaza

Kento Ranbu

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

NHK’s New Morning Drama: Natsusora

JRA (Japan Racing Association)

Hard Rock Family

Yuki Miku (Snow Miku) AR

I didn’t know how to activate so that I could watch the last scene.

This is the stage for acrobatic performance.

It’s time for us to return back to Prince Hotel Sapporo to depart for the meeting.

I was so happy to see Prince Hotel Sapporo because it’s getting dark and cold, but all taxies on the street were occupied.

After the meeting, we went for crab dinner at the same restaurant at Marumi, Paseo Sapporo.

King Crab

More dishes such as scollops, crab croquets, tempura, seafood salad, etc

Hairy Crab

We returned to hotel to dress up for night Yuki Matsuri (snow festival).

Hotel Keihan Sapporo

Night Yuki Matsuri was fun because it looks beautiful with colour.

There is different sculpture of Yuki Miku.

Now please compare how it looks in daytime and night.

We were cold so that we had a gluhwein (hot wine).

It’s – 6 C outside.

I really wanted to watch Yuki Miku AR and this time I asked a staff how to activate properly.

It was so much fun!!! YEAHHHH

Okay, I’m ready to go back to hotel for Daiyokujo (Large Public Bath).

I enjoyed Sudachi Bath.

For further details, please read the stand.

My body warmed up and ready to go sleep now.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night)